Ay Um Au Lam




Album was released originally on cd-r by Californian label Jewelled Antler (2003), and with bonus tracks by Last Visible Dog (2005). Recorded in Tampere, Finland.

Tracks 1-7 are from original "Ay Um Au Lam" album. Tracks 8-9 are from the same recording sessions, and first time released on triple-cd "Whispers From The Woods" (Last Visible Dog). Tracks 10-12 are from 3"cdr "Buddhamania" (267 Lattajjaa, 2003), and was also released again on "Whispers From The Woods".

"Uton's most impressive foray into minimal droneworks. Hirvonen never overwhelms you with the electronic tones on Ay Um Au Lam. He knows when to hold back and let the listener's imagination fill in any gaps or cracks that he leaves out. It's an underrated skill, but is used to perfection on this album. Ay Um Au Lam is the logical precursor to what is my favorite Uton release to date, The August Light. Where that release had rich, organic threads weaving through it, like it was the modern music of the magic woods, Ay Um Au Lam is more primitive. It's the primordial soup that all life emerged from. In this simple state, this is pure beauty" - Brad Rose / Foxy Digitalis

"Uton is by no means a newcomer to these pages and it's easy to see why after treating my ears with Buddhamania a few times. It's a spiritual, highly transporting drone affair that either will have you thinking about the mystical forests around Tampere, Finland or some far away temple. I connect more closely to the first description but you should probably bear in mind that it's mostly the most frightening part of the forests that Uton has mastered describing." - Mats Gustafsson / Broken Face


released January 1, 2011



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